Rain on windshield by garageAs most Utahns know, the weather can get pretty unpredictable in the rocky mountain region. In a state where snowstorms and a beating hot sun may potentially happen in the same day, the ability to protect every part of our homes from the weather cannot be understated.

When weather-proofing your home, it’s important not to neglect what happens inside your garage, especially if it is attached to your home. For this reason, it is highly desirable for Utah homeowners to make sure that their garage door is weather-proof…

Using weatherstrip

One of the biggest things that homeowners can do themselves, or hire a professional to install efficiently, is pick up weatherstrip from any large hardware store and install it around their garage door. Around your garage door is usually gaps that enable precipitation to get inside, or at the very least undermine the insulation in your garage. Weatherstrip seals the perimeter of your garage door to prevent water and air leaks.

Securing the bottom seal

Most of the time, when the elements of the weather breach your garage, it is going to come from the bottom of your garage door. We’ve all likely seen large puddles of water build up in a garage because of seeping in underneath the garage door. In order to prevent this, it is important to make sure that you have a bottom seal on your garage door that is installed, properly. These seals are made of rubber or vinyl, and can create a highly-effective air seal that prevents leaks, when used in addition to a threshold seal.

Installing a threshold seal

While a bottom seal is the most important part of preventing leaks into your garage, a threshold seal is needed to seal the deal. A threshold seal is installed on the ground underneath your garage door, between your garage and your driveway. This threshold seal is essentially there to work with the bottom seal on your garage door to create a perfect air-pressured seal that prevents moisture from seeping through. In addition to preventing leaks, this also goes a great deal towards making sure that your garage is properly insulated, which can save you money in energy costs.

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