Even when you clear out the garage and create an efficient organization system that keeps everything stored there against the walls, it can be difficult to park in your garage while allowing enough room for both you and a passenger to get out of the car. If parking in your garage is something that you’ve never been able to nail down, here are some ways to improve your parking skills—at least in your own garage.

Laser parking sensor

One option is to install a special laser parking sensor on the ceiling of your garage. Available in one- and two-door garage configurations, a parking sensor shines a laser beam onto your vehicle to guide you onto the correct spot.

Stoplight sensor

Another option you can pick up from the store is a stoplight sensor. You can mount the sensor to your wall, and the light will stay green until you approach the ideal parking spot (at which point it switches to red.)

Tire stop or mat

Alternatively, you can opt for a tire stop or mat and place it on the floor of your garage. A tire stop—much like the long concrete variety you’ll find in a parking lot—can be positioned as such that you will park your car to be centered along the front. A tire mat, meanwhile, would be positioned off to one side, and you would drive until one of your front tires falls between the ridges of the tire mat.

Hanging bouncy ball

For a do-it-yourself method, try screwing a small hook into a rubber bouncy ball and then hanging the bouncy ball from the garage ceiling with this hook and some string. To select the location for hanging your bouncy ball, first park your car where you’d like it to be positioned every time you park in your garage. Then, hang the bouncy ball low enough so that it just touches the windshield on the driver’s side of the car.


If you have a spare large mirror on hand and the right kind of garage space, you can position a mirror strategically to give you a view of one of your front tires and its relation to the garage wall. Do note that if you opt for this option, you should secure the mirror to something sturdy in order to prevent it from sliding and shattering.


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