For some, congregating in the garage is one of the best ways to bond with friends and neighbors. It can be a place where people relax; open the door to let in warm, fresh air; and maintain easy access to a home’s amenities. So how do you make your garage the ultimate space for guests while still maintaining its primary function as a secure place for your car? Here are some tips to making your garage double as an space for entertaining guests.

Control temperature.

If family, friends, and neighbors are going to be spending any time in your garage, it’s important that the temperatures in your garage remain relatively stable. You don’t necessarily need to install heating or cooling in your garage space, but a variety of other techniques can be used to help regulate temperature. An insulated garage door is a great first step, as it can reduce the transfer of air from the outside to the inside. If your garage walls and ceiling are not yet finished, installing insulation is also a great idea. You can also consider keeping large fans on hand in case you need them.

Install a refrigerator.

Many appreciate the convenience of having a spare refrigerator in the garage to provide additional space for perishable items, and if guests are going to spend time in your garage, having a refrigerator in your garage becomes even more of a convenience. A refrigerator can be used to hold cold drinks and small snacks for your guests, reducing the need to constantly be going in and out of the house for refreshments.

Keep portable furniture handy.

If your garage is going to remain a parking area for your car, you likely don’t have room to spare for comfortable living-room style furniture. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still keep comfortable furniture handy. Consider investing in a set of comfortable, foldable chairs that you can hang on long utility hooks on the walls of your garage.

Add suitable decor.

A garage is designed to be a highly functional and practical space, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add accents that will give the space a more welcoming atmosphere. Consider getting car-themed signage for the walls, or a special neon light as part of your lighting setup. You can even “decorate” with items you already have on hand, such as by hanging tools or sports equipment on the wall in an organized, yet appealing manner.

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