Safe Children in GarageThe garage is not a safe place for children to play. There are many dangerous hazards such as tools, oil, gasoline, refrigerators, cars, and more.  Read on to learn what you can do to keep your family safe inside and around your garage.  

Make it Off Limits

The first thing you need to do is make your garage off limits to your kids.  Don’t let them play in there, even if an adult is present.  Only go in your garage if you are getting in or out of your car to set an example.  Give them plenty of other places to play in your home and in your yard so that they are not tempted to play in the garage.  

Lock Your Car

Children love to play in cars and pretend that they are grown up just like you.  However, this poses a serious threat, as they can accidentally put the car in neutral and roll away, or lock themselves in on a hot summer’s day.  By locking your car, you prevent your kids from climbing in and playing racecar.  

Remove Hazards

Many garages have hazards such as paint, tools, gasoline, and more.  Remove these hazards from your garage and keep them in a locked shed.  Or if you don’t have that luxury, put them in a part of your garage that is difficult to access so that your children will not play with them.

Keep It Organized

If your garage is a mess, your child can become lost in the clutter.  Or, if they climb a shelf, they could topple, bringing the contents of the shelf with them.  Try to keep your garage organized and clean to keep your children safe. 

Install a Motion Sensor

Garages built before the 1990’s often don’t have motion sensors or automatic reversing sensor that open your garage door if they sense an obstruction.  Make sure that your sensors are working properly, so that it is less likely that your child will be crushed by the door.  Also get your door regularly serviced so that you know it is working safely and properly.

Put Bicycles and Toys Near the Front

Make sure that the things your kids will want to play with are in places that are easily accessed.  Put them near the front of the garage so that they don’t have to navigate a maze in order to get out their bikes or sports equipment.  


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