The invention of the automatic garage door was a huge boon to the average homeowner. The difference between having to manually moving the door up and down to simply pushing a button on the wall or in your car is a luxury that many people enjoy. However, in order to make sure that your door works properly, it is important to do some regular maintenance to keep your door in good shape.

One important maintenance step is to regularly clean your garage door. Corrosive chemicals, sediment, and dirt can build up over time, potentially damaging the door and affecting its performance. A simple mild detergent soap and soft brush on the door, springs, and hinges can help prevent this build up from becoming a problem.

When you clean the springs and hinges, it is wise to check for any problems or corrosion. Replace or repair the springs and hinges at the first sign of problems in order to prevent any larger problems from developing.

Along with regular cleaning, make sure you lubricate all moving parts on a yearly basis. This includes the chains, springs, pivot points, rollers, and hinges. Each part should be sprayed with a lightweight oil in order to keep the gliding operation smooth.

The tracks of the garage door should also be cleaned and lubricated with a non-corrosive cleaner. It is important to use a cleaner that is specifically designed for an automatic garage door and make sure that everything is completely wiped off, leaving no moisture on the tracks.

Moisture can be a big problem for garage doors.  To keep moisture damage at a minimum, it is wise to repaint both the inside and outside of the door every few years. The fresh paint will help keep the moisture from creeping through the door and prevent corrosion.

The final step to keeping your garage door working in top condition is to have it annually inspected by a garage door technician.  The technician will help spot the early warning signs of problems, as well as tightening all the screws, nuts, and bolts that are vital in keeping the door working properly.


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