In part one of this two-part series, we dug into some of the common pests found in garages, plus some initial tactics for how to use your garage door and other related components to keep these pests out. While it’s true that some pest types enjoy the mix of comfort and space that garage spaces offer, the right basic approaches will help you avoid these risks altogether. 

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re happy to offer clients around Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah all the products and services they might need with regard to their garage door, from specific products like steel garage doors to broader services like garage door repair and more. Today’s part two of our series will focus on some other basic tips that help keep pests out of garages.

garage pest prevention sealing

Simple Cleaning

In many cases, pests that enter your garage space are attracted to clutter and debris. Keeping your garage area clean and well organized will help reduce the temptation for pests to enter, as they won’t find anything interesting in a clean space.

This means vacuuming up any food scraps or crumbs, wiping down surfaces regularly, and doing regular deep cleans of the entire area. You should also make sure that any garbage or recycling bins are emptied out regularly.

Keep it Sealed

We’ve already talked about the importance of weatherstripping for keeping your garage door sealed, but it’s just one of several tactics you should consider. A garage door that is properly sealed is much harder for pests to get through, so be sure to check your thresholds, sealants, and even the walls for any broken seals or gaps where bugs could enter.

If you notice any cracks or gaps that might allow pests to enter, be sure to seal them up with waterproof caulk or another suitable material.

Use Traps if Needed

Particularly if you’ve had past pest infestations in your garage, you may want to consider using some traps. Traps can help you identify what pests are coming into the space and help you take steps to eliminate them if necessary.

For example, rat traps or ant traps might be appropriate for dealing with any rodent or insect problems that arise in the area. Just be sure to check the traps regularly and dispose of any pests you may find.

By following the tips outlined in this two-part series, you can help keep your garage area free from pests and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for years to come. If you need more specific assistance with pest control or would like additional advice on how to keep your garage door sealed, contact Crawford Door Sales today to learn more about our products and services. We’re here to help!

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