In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the chief benefits of a properly insulated garage door for your home or building. Garage door insulation is valuable for several reasons, including a few you may not have even considered, particularly in a place with temperature swings as significant as Utah.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re here to offer a huge range of garage door repair, installation and other services to clients around Murray, Sandy and nearby areas, including foam-injected garage doors and other well-insulated options. While part one of our series went over garage door insulation benefits like energy efficiency, comfort and sound protection, today’s part two will look into a few other key value-adds to keep in mind.

Garage Door Insulation Benefits

Vehicle Protection

One of the chief purposes of many garages is to protect vehicles from the elements, both in terms of temperature and other potential weather hazards. Well-insulated garage doors provide this protection even more effectively than their non-insulated counterparts, helping regulate temperatures inside and keeping them more consistent for your vehicle’s safety.

In fact, vehicle issues due to cold weather can be more significant than you might think. They can include risks like dead batteries, frozen gas lines and other problems. But with proper insulation and temperature regulation, these risks are greatly minimized or eliminated entirely.

Improved Garage Door Durability

Another great benefit of garage door insulation is that it can help increase the overall durability and lifespan of your garage door. Insulation not only protects from temperature fluctuations, but also from moisture and potential pest infiltration. This is especially important in Utah, where harsh winters and hot summers can cause significant strain on garage doors.

By preventing warping or rotting due to moisture exposure, insulation helps keep your garage door in top shape and prevents the need for frequent repairs or even early replacement.

Allowing Alternative Uses of the Garage

In other cases, instead of parking cars, your garage may serve as a workshop or other type of living space. In these situations, insulation is even more crucial. Not only will it help keep the area at a comfortable temperature, but it can also improve soundproofing and prevent outside noise from affecting your work or relaxation.

For instance, let’s say you’re converting your garage into a home gym – without proper insulation, you may be dealing with extreme temperatures or loud outside noises that can disrupt your workouts. Insulation mitigates these issues and allows you to fully enjoy the space for any purpose.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to investing in a well-insulated garage door. So if you’re considering upgrading your current garage door, don’t overlook the importance of insulation and its potential value for your home or building. Contact Crawford Door Sales today for more information on our selection of foam-injected garage doors and other high-quality options!

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