In Utah, our extreme seasons can be hazardous for our pets. Even if we can build some sort of shelter for our animals in the yard, it’s not uncommon for the winter to get too cold or the summer too hot. Sometimes, it seems like the only solution is to build our pets a fully insulated housing structure with central heating and cooling. Though, it may seem difficult enough to afford our own central air, let alone providing our animals with their own system. Besides, animals can’t exactly read the thermostat settings to adjust the temperature correctly. A more practical alternative to building a pet mansion might be to create a space for them in your garage.

You could make a temporary structure, or if you have the space, something more permanent that might be used for something more than just a pet paradise. Whatever you decide to do there are some precautions and preparations that should be taken to make sure your garage is pet safe. The following are just a few ideas to take note of:

1. Make sure that all hazardous materials are safely stored out of reach, where they can’t be knocked over.

Store chemicals and dangerous tools on sturdy shelves that can withstand the weight of your animals. Sometimes, they might get playful and run into your storage structures, which could potentially wobble or fall over.

2. Make sure that the space set aside for your animals is adequately separated from the garage door.

Opening the garage door could potentially frighten your animals and they may take off running away, or step in front of your vehicle where you can’t see them.

3. Make sure your garage has enough ventilation for cooling in the summer months.

Getting your animals out of the hot air won’t mean anything if your garage is like a sauna or steam room. Make sure you garage has enough windows and fans to circulate air if your garage isn’t cooled.

4. Make sure your garage has enough insulation to retain heat during the winter months.

Even if you have heaters in your garage, the space may be too large to keep warm. Having your garage insulated can maximize the effectiveness of heaters, which is good for both your animals and your wallet.

We at Crawford Door Sales can’t feed your pets or get them water, but we can help keep them comfortable in the extreme seasons. We can install insulated garage doors that will help to keep your garage space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If you need more ventilation, we can also install garage doors with windows. If shelving is an issue, we can help you get in touch with retailers for sturdy storage equipment. The bottom line is we want to help you make the perfect garage space and if you want to make it pet ready—so do we! Contact Crawford Door Sales to see how we can help you out with your garage today.

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