There are a few components of any commercial garage door that are vital to its operations, and one of these is the garage door opener. Allowing you to open and close the garage door automatically without the need for manual lifting and closing, commercial garage door openers are available in a few different prominent styles. 

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re proud to offer a wide range of commercial garage door systems and products for Utah clients, from doors themselves to many other needs — including commercial garage door openers. Generally speaking, there are three types of commercial garage door opener you might be choosing from for your needs; here are all three plus a basic explanation of each, and tips on which might be ideal for your building.

choosing commercial garage door opener

Jackshaft Commercial Garage Opener

The wall-mounted jackshaft commercial garage door opener is a well-known option that uses torsion springs to lift the garage door. This opener is great for protecting your employees and customers or guests in case of malfunctioning springs, while also providing some degree of security against burglars looking for ways to break through your business’s doors.

For some businesses who need a secondary access point inside their building or one that can be activated from outside, the jackshaft commercial garage door opener is a viable option. These openers can weigh less than 100 pounds and be mounted in hard to reach places.

Trolley Commercial Garage Opener

For those who prefer a garage door opener that’s installed on the ceiling instead of a wall, trolley commercial garage door openers are the way to go. With trolley commercial garage door openers, you don’t have to worry about springs at all — nor will your employees or customers need to worry about tripping over them.

Rather, trolley garage door openers use basic lift tracks that are built into the door itself. These tracks run along a rail that connects both of your garage doors — allowing you to open one, or both with ease. While trolley commercial garage door openers are costlier than average up front, they don’t need any extra parts.

Hoist Commercial Garage Door Opener

Finally, the hoist garage door opener is installed on the wall for larger sectional garage doors that come with a high vertical lift. It’s similar in some ways to a jackshaft, powering the door indirectly using a hoist chain.

As this opener tends to be the more complicated of the three, it’s best for the largest and most complicated commercial garage doors. This opener is also the only one capable of driving three car garages, so if you have a larger business with multiple bays, this may be the best option for your commercial garage door openers.

For more on choosing the ideal garage door opener for your commercial garage door, or to learn about any of our other garage door products or services in Utah, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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