The Smart House 


A few decades ago, the idea of controlling anything with a phone was ridiculous. Not even every household had a landline phone, and cell phones were a necessity far into the future. Now, however, even your grandma has a smart phone. As we’ve evolved to rely more and more on our smartphones to function on a day to day basis, everything around us has evolved with us. Just as we are constantly evolving, technology is also constantly evolving to keep up with us and our higher demands.


So wouldn’t it make sense that your smartphone can be used for purposes beyond keeping up to date with your Facebook timeline and to keep in contact with your loved ones?


There are a variety of ways that you can setup your house to be compatible with smart technology. Many modern light fixtures can be controlled with your smartphone. Your thermostat can also be updated in order to connect to a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Your devices can be used to control pretty much any type of electronic in your home, including the garage, TVs, kitchen appliances, security systems, vehicles, or even the deadbolts on your doors.


These updates are something to be embraced. All of these features can still be controlled on a manual level, so you won’t be out of luck if your phone dies on your way home from work. It’s just an extra level of security because you can check in when you’re not at home. If you often forget to close your garage door when you leave in the morning, being able to close it with your smartphone or other smart device no matter where you are would be a very helpful feature for you.


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