Gate Access Repairs & Replacement in Utah

Is your home, business, or commercial property in need of garage repairs? Perhaps you have a faulty access system or security gate? Crawford Door Sales is here to help! Our Utah team of garage experts can repair, replace and maintain your property’s garage and other access points.

If you need repairs, we work with nearly any style and brand on the market. We can get you standardized replacement parts and let you know how to prevent similar problems from developing in the future. Our technicians have seen just about everything, so they have both the knowledge and experience to ensure that your needs are met.

If you’re looking for garage or access point replacements, we have a multitude of options to choose from. We do custom residential and commercial grade doors and gates. We also sell a selection of the best brands on the market. We can install anything from overhead to swinging doors. We can do retractable or swinging gates and we offer many options for keyless entry. Take a look around and find out more about what Crawford Door Sales can do for you!
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Custom Garage, Gate, and Access Point Experts:


Custom Residential and Commercial Doors (+/-)

Commercial and Residential Gates (+/-)

Access Point Locks and Controls (+/-)