Replacing garage door springAutomatic garage doors are an incredibly convenient amenity of most modern Utah homes. However, the entire garage door system is unable to function if one simple piece becomes broken or jammed: the spring. Garage door springs are what enable a door to open and close fluidly, and they are also one of the most dangerous pieces to replace, due to the tension built up in each spring. At Crawford Garage Doors, we can help you with all your garage door spring needs.

Types of Springs

The first thing to know about garage door springs is that there are essentially two different types: torsion springs and extension springs. Here’s a little bit of information about the differences between them:


  • Torsion Springs: Torsion springs are the stronger type of spring, and tend to last significantly longer. Torsion springs work by twisting and turning to create tension, which makes for a smoother garage door, but they can also be more expensive.
  • Extension Springs: Extension springs operate by contracting and expanding when a garage door opens and closes. For this reason, there is a greater likelihood of it breaking, over time. Still, a properly installed extension spring helps a garage door close and open smoothly and safely.


Experienced Spring Repair and Replacement in Utah

At Crawford Garage Doors, our Utah technicians repair and replace garage door springs, both torsion and extension springs, on a daily basis. We’ve seen practically every problem that you can imagine. We pride ourselves in offering a professional, affordable, and convenient garage door repair solution for families and businesses throughout Utah.

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