If you’ve never attended or hosted an outdoor movie night, you’re missing out on some major fun to be had. An outdoor movie night is a great way to celebrate the coming of warm weather and to kick off the summer season with a night that you and your friends are sure to remember. All you need are four things: a suitable space, a projector, a large white surface for screening, and ample seating. Here are some tips to hosting a movie night at your home, making use of one surprising part of your home: your garage door.

Find a Projector

No projectors are made explicitly for outdoor use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your indoor projector outside temporarily. And if you don’t own a projector, there are options to rent one so that you don’t have to make a large investment. Just be sure that before the big night you test out your equipment—speakers included—to make sure that your setup will be a success.

Find a Surface

If you have the right garage door, finding a vertical surface to project your movie onto couldn’t be easier. The best garage doors for this will be white and free of detailed paneling; our white flush stucco door offers one such option. Visit the Design Your Door feature on our site for ideas on which garage doors could double as movie projection screens. And in the absence of a garage door suitable for movie screening—homes with darker doors, for example—another idea is to use the garage door space by hanging a large white sheet from the garage door frame.

Create the Right Ambiance

No movie night is complete without comfortable seating and party-style refreshments. Flank the sides of your movie viewing space with easily portable snacks, sweets, and ice cold drinks, and offer your guests plenty of seating fit for movie viewing. One option is to bring your outdoor furniture into your driveway and add blankets and spare pillows for extra comfort. Another option if your space and party size make it possible is to work with parked cars. A truck backed into a driveway could offer an empty truck bed perfect for dressing up with soft pillows and blankets.

Mind the Neighbors

This type of event works better at more secluded homes, of course. If your house doesn’t offer the kind of environment that would make projecting a movie in the front of your home possible, consider asking a friend with a suitable space if you can host the party at their home. It’s also always a good idea to talk with your neighbors before the big event to let them in on what you’re planning.

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