Your garage houses some of your most valuable possessions—your car, motorcycle, or spare refrigerator, for example. Moreover, many households tend to keep the doors leading from the garage and into the home unlocked, meaning that those who might break into your garage will have full access to your home after doing so. So it only makes sense to protect it with added security measures for when you’re away from your home. Here are some tips to making sure that everything in your garage—and by extension, your home—stays safe and out of the hands of burglars.

Invest in a Quality Door

The garage door is, of course, the main barrier between the outdoors and your garage’s interior space. Investing in a quality door that can stand up against potential damage will both deter burglars and offer real, strong protection against vandalism. Crawford Door Sales offers a wide selection of single layer and foam core steel, wood, and carriage style garage doors to choose from.

Keep Your Portable Door Opener Safe

Thieves often break into cars and use the garage door openers stored on visors to break into garages. To prevent this from happening, consider locking your garage door in your glove compartment, or investing in a keychain style garage door opener so that you’ll always have your garage door opener with you.

Keep the Door into Your House Secure

It might be convenient to leave the door leading from your garage into the house unlocked, but this makes getting into the garage the easiest way for thieves to sneak into your home without making a great deal of noise. Consider adding a deadbolt to this door so that thieves can’t use the credit card trick on traditional locks either.

Install Motion Detector Lights

Motion detector lights that illuminate the space in front of your driveway can serve as a major deterrent for those looking to sneak into your garage, as they won’t want to work while illuminated by bright light.

Lock Your Garage’s Latch While Away

Many garage doors have an overhead door latch that you can fit a padlock through, preventing anyone from opening your overhead garage door while you’re away.

Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open

It may sound like common sense, but you might find yourself surprised by how often you or your kids forget to close the garage door behind you. Reserve opening the garage door for only when you need in and out access.

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