The SmartHome: Safety, Security, and Efficiency

info graphic of smart home in 3d icons

Lately, it seems that everything has become smart. There are smartphones, watches, cars, lighting systems, and just about any other object you can think of. Sometimes, keeping track of all these smart objects can seem overwhelming. If they are really so smart, shouldn’t they just keep track of themselves? As silly as it may seem, there are legitimate reasons why tech companies push forward with so many smart innovations and no, we aren’t talking about Facebook.

We at Crawford Doors would like to introduce you to the smarthome. Unlike your phone, the smarthome innovation is less about Facebook and more about safety, security, and efficiency. It simplifies your life by creating a central hub for the many systems that exist in your Utah home. Several of our residential garage door openers are compatible with existing smarthome systems and apps. Check out our smarthome info-graphic here or contact us for more info.

Key-less Entry (+/-)


Access Point Monitoring and Controls (+/-)


Lighting System Controls (+/-)


HVAC Monitoring and Controls (+/-)


Appliance Monitoring and Controls (+/-)


Home Monitoring Systems (+/-)


Security and Alarm Monitoring (+/-)


Energy Management (+/-)