Frequently Asked Repair Questions

Is your Utah home, business, or commercial property in need of garage repairs? Crawford is here to help! We’re here to answer all your questions and meet all of your garage door repair needs. Here are some answers to a few frequently asked garage door repair questions:

Q: Why should I get my garage repaired by a professional?

We pride ourselves on delivering expert commercial and residential garage door repair services. When you choose to repair your garage door through Crawford Garage, you’re ensuring a safe, custom process and repairs that will last.

Q: What brands or styles do you work with?

We work with practically every style and brand of garage door on the market. No matter how far out of the ordinary your garage door is, chances are we have the tools and the know-how to repair it.

Q: How easy is it to repair electric doors?

Depending on what parts need to be replaced, repairing an automatic garage door system is a fairly simple process for us. Our extensive knowledge and multitude of available repair and replacement options allow us to easily repair electronic door systems in Utah, both commercial and residential.

Q: When is my garage door beyond repair?

A: When a garage door’s infrastructure or framework is damaged, repair can be considerably trickier, and sometimes more costly than you may be prepared for. In such cases, a replacement can be a much more viable option. Our wide variety of replacement options allows us to perform custom replacements with the best brands on the market.

Q: I’m running a business and my garage door is broken. I need a repair job and I need it now! Can you help?

Yes! We offer emergency 24/7 repair so you’ll never be in a bind. At Crawford, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make sure your commercial garage doors function better than ever before.

Q: I have a custom garage with an unusual-sized door. Can you repair or replace it?

Absolutely! No job is too unusual for the custom service we provide. Our extensive knowledge of our product allows us to meet the challenges of your custom Utah garage.

For answers to any other questions, you may have, contact us or pay us a visit at any of our current locations.