warhouseA variety of Utah work environments make heavy use of commercial doors, including warehouses, loading docks, auto dealerships, parking garages, storage areas, mining areas, reception areas, and food service areas. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which type of commercial overhead door will be best for your workplace. Here is a brief guide that can help you find the right overhead door for your business or commercial property.

High performance

For harsh and high-traffic Utah environments that require an ultra-high performance overhead door, such as warehouses and loading docks, our line of high-performance commercial doors will best serve your commercial door needs. These commercial doors are built with less wearable parts, fast door speeds, and superior designs to keep up with a harsh or fast-paced work environment.

High speed

Similarly, our line of high-speed doors is perfect for commercial environments that require high-speed overhead doors. These high-speed doors are built for maximum speed, which can help prevent pest infestation, theft, slow workflow, and more.


If insulation is what you need, there are a variety of overhead door styles to suit your needs. Our overhead coiling roll-up doors feature a sealing system with foamed-in-place insulated curtains, which minimize thermal transference through openings.

Environmental separation

For environments where maximum environmental separation is required, our overhead coiling roll-up doors feature a solid construction and sealing system that effectively blocks out air infiltration and provides maximum sound buffering.


Alternatively, many Utah environments require high levels of ventilation. Our overhead coiling roll-up doors can be paired with an open design grille or perforated door to provide the necessary ventilation.

Spatial separation

For environments where only spatial separation is needed, such as reception areas and food service counters, coiling overhead roll-up doors come in both service door and counter door configurations, insulated and uninsulated.

Fire resistance

In many Utah work environments, effective fire safety entails having a fire-rated overhead door. In such environments, fire doors are available in a variety of styles to suit workplace needs. Coiling overhead fire doors are available in service door configurations as well as counter door configurations.


Utah retail spaces commonly need security grilles to prevent unwanted intrusions during off-hours. Our security grills come in a variety of styles and are designed to offer maximum protection, all while still allowing you to see into the secured space.

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