Both through popular movies and television and based on the realities of previous generations, most of us think of high-security buildings when we hear the term “gate access system.” What many don’t realize, however, is that these systems are far more common and accessible today, and are even regularly used by private citizens.

At Crawford Door Sales, our gate access systems are second to none. We provide state-of-the-art access control equipment and help with everything from pricing to layout, all for a wide variety of customers – from home and business owners to numerous other distinct sectors. Let’s look at some of the wide range of uses out there for gate access systems.

Homes and Communities

For homeowners who have the funds and space to install them, security gate access systems are a great choice. These are common for properties in any remote location, for security purposes, and are also regularly seen in more spacious neighborhoods where properties have plenty of space in the yard and driveway.

Another area where these products are a necessity is within gated communities, where they’re a primary feature. These are generally home to middle- and upper-class families, and they allow for a much higher level of comfort and security, especially for children with pets. In most of these cases, gates will be monitored by security personnel.


In many cases, you’ll see business buildings and their parking lots outfitted with security gates. This use of gates serves a few purposes, from preventing unauthorized parking to keeping employee vehicles protected. In these cases, employees and others with access to the building will be given a card that lets them into the gate, often along with assigned parking spaces.

In some situations, businesses use these kinds of lots to increase income. They charge money for some or all parking spaces, which can help cover overhead and also decrease the rate of theft or burglary.


There are many facilities where security is very important, including areas like power plants or water treatment facilities. All these locations will have high-quality security gates installed, usually along with security personnel to prevent unauthorized access. In many cases, such as with government buildings, this will be just one layer of security – most of these facilities also have cameras and additional measures in place.


There are several areas of an airport that might be restricted to certain vehicles, and gates help this process flow smoothly. They keep these areas protected while also helping show visitors where to go, plus offer a location where license plates can be tracked – this information can be used to resolve crimes or any other issues that may take place on airport property.


Many apartment complexes today will also come with gates, especially higher-priced areas. These are known to make tenants feel safer, both personally and for their vehicles, and the installation of a single security gate at a complex can often be enough to raise rent prices by a small amount.

For more on the common uses of gate access systems, or to learn about any of our garage door products or services, speak to the pros at Crawford Door Sales today.

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