With Halloween on its way, this is the perfect time of year to talk about phantom garage door opening. Have you heard of it? Or worse, been the victim of it yourself? It’s when you swore you closed your garage door, but when you get home, it’s open. Or worse, you personally witness it opening and closing on its own. That’s when you need garage door repair.

A garage door opening and closing on its own is not just spooky, it’s a major security risk. Most people do not lock the door the leads from their garage into their home, and if the garage door opens by itself when you’re gone, it could allow thieves to gain access to your home. Even if you keep the door to the house locked, the items you store in the garage would be at risk.

Your personal safety is compromised if you are at home and the garage door is open, unbeknownst to you, because you are sleeping or otherwise occupied.

The reasons for phantom opening and closing are many. Some you might be able to fix yourself! What could be to blame?

garage door repair

1. Remote

It might be a matter of simply changing the batteries. It probably isn’t, but it’s worth checking. Also, see if any of the buttons are stuck. If you eat and drink in the car, sometimes food can get on the remote and gum it up.

2. Wall Control Panel

The buttons on the wall panel can get stuck too. This may be remedied by cleaning, but if not, you will need repairs, or a new wall control panel.

3. Circuitry

Something in the circuit board could have gone haywire. Unless you’re an electrician, it’s best to leave this type of repair to the experts.

4. Code or Frequency

Someone else in your immediate vicinity might have the same frequency or code for their garage door as you. Every time they open or close their door, your door opens or closes too. Try reprogramming your remote (if you need help with this, call us).

5. Auto Reverse

The problem could be with your auto reverse function. Next time you hit the button to close your door, don’t drive away until it’s entirely closed. You may discover that it gets almost to the bottom and then reverses and goes back up. This could be due to an item preventing the door from closing completely or an issue with the sensor.

The problem could also be due to a power surge or something amiss with the wiring. True to its name, phantom garage door opening and closing can be a bit of a mystery. Rest assured the talented team at Crawford Doors, with locations in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah, can find the answer for you – call our team of experts whenever you need garage door repair.

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